Artist's Statement

For over 50 years I have been a professional potter making functional stoneware bowls, mugs, and trays etc. In 1997 I created a line of tiles that have become extremely popular. So popular that I had to stop making my wholesale line of pots and devote myself to making only tiles. There are 24 different designs. Some designs come and go, others have become perennial best sellers. The most fun in the process is creating the new stamps. For each new stamp in the line there are 6 that don't make the cut. Stamps are usually made in several versions until they look just right. My Blue Tiles are featured in many of the top 100 galleries and museum shops in the country. Stores order them consistently for years and many have standing monthly orders. I pride myself in keeping a large inventory so that orders can go out in 7 to 10 days, or sooner! One glaze color, blue. One price. It works. They don't take up a lot of shelf or wall space, but generate lots of sales. If after two months you feel the tiles have not sold fast enough, send any remaining tiles back and I will reimburse you for those tiles and the shipping costs. I have never had to do this in 9 years. Please see my online gallery for all of the designs and email me if you'd like an order blank with a price list.

Michael Cohen's CV


Museum of Modern Art, Design Collection, NYC

Museum of Contemporary Crafts, NYC

Everson Museum, Syracuse NY

Fuller Art Museum, Brockton MA

Racine Art Museum, Racine WI

Victoria and Albert Museum, London UK

Museum of Art and Design, NYC


Craftsman Full Fellowship Grant, N. E. A.

Master Craftsman/Apprentice Grant, N. E. A.

Interviewed for Smithsonian "Archives of American Artists," 2001

Work pictured in many craft books. 1963-2003

Founder of The Asparagus Valley Potters Guild, 1976